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    Posted by Roland Wright on 09/05/2020   Email

    I celebrated VE Day yesterday, as did the country, I watched all the historical films of the war years, and the many reminiscents of those still around to give their memories on camera. I was 7 on VE Day, I lived in No.125 (upstairs)George St. Willington Quay, Family name was Wright and Jamieson, The Bagnalls lived below in No. 123, my sister Joyce maried her RN. Sailor in St Pauls in George St.immediately after war ended, and moved to Kent. uncle Les Jamieson was a character on North Shields Fish Quay.I attended local Addison Potter School,in 1947 we moved to 28 Rothbury Gardens Rosehill. My sister was an usherette in the Pearl Cinema, i remember the saturday morning club, Roy Rogers, Flash Gordon, the hill otherside of Bewicke Road with tall chimney on top,(Cooksons leadworks I think!) Trouble is I don'tremember anything of my school years at Addison Potter,I went there until 1950, have lived Liverpool since 1950, now 81, anyone add to those memories please??

    Posted by Michael Mather on 20/04/2020   Email

    I was born at Willing to Quay in 1955. Lived in Davis Street Wallsend before moving up to Battle Hill. Went to Burnside High.Now a social worker in Hull.

    Posted by Michael Mather on 20/04/2020   Email

    I was born at Willing to Quay in 1955. Lived in Davis Street Wallsend before moving up to Battle Hill. Went to Burnside High.Now a social worker in Hull.

    Posted by Michael Henderson on 10/02/2020   Email

    I was born and grew up in Hawthorne Villas beside The Green. Great memories

    Posted by Kevin Maughan on 01/12/2019

    Hi does anyone have any old photos of Walter Wilson's supermarket which was on wallsend high street. I used to work there in the 70s

    Posted by Lesley Duff on 11/10/2019   Email

    My grandparents lived 3,5 headley Street Walsend- Name Meyer.Does any one have information or pictures . He had an upholstery business.

    Posted by John Lowther on 08/05/2019   Email

    My mother Ellen Telford from Palmerville was in the Wallsend land army does anyone remember her?

    Posted by Jonny Gray on 16/04/2019   Email

    I'm researching Wallsend's shortlived baseball club who were active in the 1890s. Although they were active less than a decade they had a very colourful history, including becoming national champions of England and subsequently having the valuable trophy stolen the following year. I wrote an article about the team for The Chronicle which was published on Saturday 13th April 2019 - but would love to continue my research and would love to hear from anyone with any information or connection to the club or baseball in the North East. Kind regards Jonny Gray

    Posted by David Hutchinson on 24/07/2018   Email

    We moved to Wallsend in 1954. Went to the Jubilee for a year then the Buddle then Wallsend Grammar in 1959. My dad ran the Blue Sign Filling Station near the Rising Sun for a few years. Remember Maurice Benn running in the Olympics from WGS. Guess all the teachers are gone by now?

    Posted by c brydon on 10/05/2018   Email

    My name is Celia Brydon nee Wright. Our family mum, dad and my sisters Madeleine, Susan and Janis moved to the north east in 1952 from Kent. we lived in Gertrude Street in Palmers Buildings from May 1952 until November 1953 where my brother Leonard was born in 1954. I was 10 years old when we arrived and I remember I hated it. we moved from a lovely modern house with electricity, a bathroom and a toilet inside a lovely garden fields and fresh air all around us to an old house lit by gas light , no bathroom and an outside toilet ! And no garden , no fresh air just the smell of gas and so busy. we moved from gertrude street to First Street on 5th November 1953. This was the same but we didn,t share the house. In gertrude street we lived with a lady called Mrs graham who suffered a stroke shortly after we arrived and my mum looked after her even after we moved until she died. I went to Richardson Dees First School then at 11 to Stephenson Secondary School in Howdon and finally to Wallsend

    Posted by Sue nichols on 22/04/2018   Email

    Does anyone have any photographs of the Dutch bungalows on Lauderdale Avenue when it first built.

    Posted by Tom Nunn on 11/11/2017   Email

    I was born in 1947 until leaving in 1969 following getting married. I attended Carville junoior school 52 - 58 then Grammar school until 1965. Happy days. Anyone have any memories of that time?

    Posted by Loretta Cusworth on 11/09/2017   Email

    Doing family history and have found a photo of Haggie's Angels and need to know more about them please, my great uncles wife was one of them. Most of my family come from the North East around Blyth, Earsdon, Whitley Bay etc Would like to connect with the name Goerd, Taylor and Hunter.

    Posted by Joyce Cope on 24/08/2017

    I was Joyce Lavery born 1948 At Wilmington Quay Maternity Hospital. Monica and Peter Lavery were my parents and Monica my sister. Our Grandparents lived above Todds Hat Shop Flat 84 High Street East Wallsend. We lived at 19 Charles Street until 1955.

    Posted by Joyce Cope (nee Lavery) on 23/08/2017

    My address was 19 Charles Street, Wallsend. I was born at Wilmington Quay Nursing Home in 1948 and attended St.Aidens School. My Mum was Monica, Dad Peter and Sister Monica. I remember The Davy Bank, A row of terrace houses to the left, Pamatrada on the right and The Davy Inn at the bottom of the bank. Friends and neighbours included Mrs Mulligan (next door), Mr and Mrs Mason with Margaret and Jyp their dog. John Morris, Mr and Mrs Dent, John Dent, Mr and Mrs Ray with Linda. Mr. Dent had an allotment next to the Tyne. I loved going to the swimming baths, the coast, Saturday morning Pictures on the High Street. My Grandma and Grandad lived at 84 High Street East and we saw them frequently also cousins and Aunts and Uncles who lived not too far away. I liked The Park and the Library and remember The Town Hall and many of the shops including Woolworths. I quite enjoyed my 7 years there and then we moved to Kiveton Park Nr. Sheffield. I missed everyone. We did visit and I settled

    Posted by Julie-Anne Norman on 05/05/2017   Email

    Lived and grew up in Willington Quay Wallsend, George Street to be correct. I am Julie Norman, maiden name of Maughan. My father and mother, owned Willington Quay Coaches, based at Willington Quay. We later moved to High Farm where my father remained in the coach business before purchasing a garage in Ridsdale, Huamshaugh, Hexham.

    Posted by Janthea Whinn on 22/03/2017   Email

    I was very sorry to read of the death of Beatrice Clark. Her and my late mother Jennie Wilson (nee Coxon) met at the Central School and remained firm friends until my mother died in 2014. Growing up Beatrice was a part of my life. I remember her as a very nice person

    Posted by Yvonne Percival on 19/01/2017   Email

    Looking to trace an old friend Hazel Watson, now married, had two sons, was married to a mariner/ sea captain and moved to Whitley Bay where apparently she was a hairdresser. Her mother was Alice Watson who worked at her brothers fruit shop (Ronald Hopper) in Willington Quay, who also owned the newsagents in Coach Open, Willington Quay. Hazel originally came from Falstaff Road, North Shields, but past family history due to the shops seems to lead to Willington Quay. Any info / help appreciated.

    Posted by janice amer on 01/01/2017

    I am looking for a pork butcher called Joseph Amer in 1881, to see if he worked in a shop or had his own shop. Thank you

    Posted by Hilary Tucker on 12/12/2016   Email

    I went to Wallsend Grammar School and my father worked at North Eastern Marine. This website brings back a lot of memories.

    Posted by John Ashburner on 10/11/2016   Email

    Hello, I was born in Davis Street, Wallsend. 1927 and attended Carville School before starting work in Swan Hunter Shipyard. I would like to hear from anyone who lived or worked in this area in the 1930/40s.

    Posted by Kristinne on 03/11/2016

    I'm looking for old photos of High Street East Wallsend, showing the old Mills Newsagents. The only one I can find is this one from Francis Frith's collection: Anyone else who might have other photos or history about this building?

    Posted by Rosie Butterworth on 10/10/2016

    Our Lady in St Aidan's Church Rosehill Rd Site - formerly with school chapel built in 1865, church built in 1907, infant school built in 1913, high school built in 1941 and now at Coniston Rd Howdon, last year celebrated 150 years. We are holding a repeat of our Down Memory Lane photo exhibition on weekend of 22nd/23rd October. Anyone with links to St Aidan's schools or churches may find photos/contacts of interest. For more information visit - if you have any information or old photographs of church/school activities we would love to borrow them. Additionally our Jubilee commemorative window and banner will be installed in time for the event

    Posted by Abigail on 02/08/2016   Email

    Hi, I am a student at the University of Glasgow conducting research for my dissertation in History on the industrial decline in the North East, in particular with regards to shipbuilding. I was wondering if anyone who worked at or alongside yards such as Swan Hunters, or who had family who did so, would like to speak to me about their experiences of working and living in both industrial and post-industrial Tyneside. Thank you very much, Abigail

    Posted by Bob Stobbart on 04/05/2016

    I have only just discovered that I had a relation who owned a butchers shop in Potter Street in Willington Quay around 1895. If there is anyone out there who has any information about the street I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

    Posted by doreen smith on 19/04/2016

    looking for a friend lived in wallsend,came down to derbyshire in the 1960s,her name is norma hunter married to eddie hunter ,they had 3 children dereck suzan, debbie,would love to get in touch,with them doreen smith anyone with info ,please get in touch thankyou,

    Posted by Catherine Sanders on 03/02/2016   Email

    Am researching the Rochester family who had the blacksmith's shop on Clyde Street. If anyone has photos or information about it I would appreciate seeing it. Thank you

    Posted by Michael Shamah on 04/01/2016   Email

    Hi, I am a university student doing research on the Industrial Heritage of Wallsend. I will be in Wallsend from the 6th January to the 21st January. I was wondering if there is anyone who may be interested sharing their stories and experiences about the shipbuilding and docks in Wallsend. This will be much appreciated. Thank you!

    Posted by Julie-Anne Norman on 20/12/2015   Email

    My father known as Paddy Maughan owned Willington Quay Coaches which was based at Willington Quay. We lived in George street. When I was 14 years old we moved from the area. I was born in 1966 so you can do the maths (sorry giggling here) any pictures or memories would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Posted by tony harvey on 11/12/2015

    my grandfather E G Harvey had a chip shop and I think bird seed shop on Hedley street 1939 ish any info or photos would be appreciated

    Posted by denise on 04/12/2015   Email

    im just wondering can anyone give me any information about the lime kiln near hadrian wallsend thank you

    Posted by Pat Maleary on 18/11/2015

    My grandfather was Henry Shields b 1887 wallsend son of Henry Shields and Jane (nee Ellison, formerly Webster) Henry brought some of family to Middlesbrough but Jane stayed in Jarrow. Any Shields relations out there? Family originally from Scotland.

    Posted by Lesley Oswald on 13/10/2015

    Interested in history of Haggies Rope Work - my mother worked there during the war

    Posted by James Gerard Caffrey on 12/10/2015   Email

    Attended St Aidan's school and left in 1955. Worked down the Rising Sun Pit for three years before joining the Army. Went to work in Libya in 1969 then spent the next 43 years working and living overseas. Became a resident of the USA 1994. Retired in 2013. My family and I split out time between our two homes in Michigan and Florida. Looking to make contact with old friends.

    Posted by lorraine stoker on 07/10/2015   Email

    Interested in any info about the stoker family. Lived potter and Stevenson street. Dad was George stoker, joined royal navy, grandfather was William who married a Sherin. Know very little else.

    Posted by Lorna Stratford on 03/10/2015   Email

    Hello, I am researching my family history and was wondering if any one knew about Alexander Coxon and Margaret Coxon, who lived at the Davy Inn, Wallsend around 1948. Margaret's father was called Millo Smith, who had a son, who was also called Millo Smith. I would be very interested hearing from anyone who knows any of the above people. Thank you.

    Posted by Bruce Carty on 14/08/2015   Email

    Seeking more information on a Wallsend radio station owned by C. Butterworth with callsign 2BU as mentioned in the Newcastle Sun on 25-5-1932.

    Posted by Colin Lancaster on 20/07/2015   Email

    Chasing ancestors that lived at 71 Long Row Wallsend.Found lots of references to street including mention of Coop. But not location the only clue I have is your photo of Carville Hotel. Can anyone help. Thanks

    Posted by brian twemlow on 18/07/2015   Email

    I am reading a book which names a street called Jericho and I cant place it any help

    Posted by steve whitworth on 20/06/2015

    Really interested in Howdon, Willington Quay pics. Childhood in Elgin Avenue - Grandparents East Howdon

    Posted by Janthea Whinn on 09/06/2015   Email

    Reading Amy's email from America July 2014. My Grandfather and Uncle owned the Davy Inn from 1926 to the 1960's. I was born in the Davy Inn in 1947, my mother Jennie was the youngest of the Coxon children.

    Posted by Janthea Whinn on 09/06/2015   Email

    Just read Amy's email from July 2014. My Grandfather then my Uncle owned the Davy Inn from 1926 to the 1960's. I was born in the Davy in 1947, my mother was Jennie Wilson nee Coxon. I have a feeling I know who Amy's father was. I knew the Davy very well until my Grandmother died then it was numerous stories from my mother.

    Posted by Rosie Butterworth on 27/05/2015   Email

    Our Lady in St Aidan's Church Rosehill Rd Site - formerly with school chapel built in 1865, church built in 1907, infant school built in 1913, high school built in 1941 and now at Coniston Rd Howdon, is celebrating 150years since its foundation. We are holding a programme of events including a History Exhibition later in the year. We would love to borrow any photos of the church, schools, drama group, netball team, football teams, school photos or any other church event from the old church and also any photos from the later buildings - Holy Cross Infant School built in 1957, the Junior School in 1964 and the Church built in 1977 - any old photos of church/school events. Also old photos of the local area/maps. We are particularly interested in a photo of the laying of the foundation of the old church in 1906 and the unveiling of the war memorial in August 1919 - contact is Fr John McElhone 01912623820 - would be happy to hear from you with memories or photographs to share. www.wall

    Posted by Tony Pittam on 21/05/2015   Email

    Born in Strawberry Gardens 1952,served my apprenticeship at Swans I saw the old Western School picture,1st time i have ever seen it since i left in 1968 Nice to see so many old photos of Wallsend I was an original member of the Wallsend Boys Club and played in the 1st football team they had when it started,does anyone have any old photos of the club and its football team

    Posted by Andrew Green on 11/05/2015

    Robert Shipley, of 2 Charles Street, Wallsend, died from wounds sustained serving in the Howe Battalion of the Royal Naval 63rd Division in the Gallipoli campaign on 7 June 1915. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of his death, family members from across England are gathering together in Wallsend on Sunday 7 June 2015. We would love to hear from anyone local who might still know the Shipley name or have any information on others from the area who also served in the RND.

    Posted by Sarah dalziel on 06/05/2015   Email

    Hello, does anyone know or have any information regarding Ethel Roberts? She is my grandmother, sadly she died in 1967 aged 23 in a motorcycle accident near the Tyne tunnel. She worked at haggies at the time and was on her way home from a 21st birthday party the night she died. Ethel left behind a three year old daughter who is now 51. We are trying to contact any friends Ethel had at that time or anyone who knew her or the the family. In order to try and gain family history. I hope someone out there remembers and can help. Thanks

    Posted by Tina Flynn on 27/04/2015

    Hi, does anyone have any information or photographs of the 17th and 18th century Wallsend glassworks. Some of the glass workers are buried in the old ruined building at holy cross at the top of the burn. The families were predominantly Thyzac and Henezel. Thanks...

    Posted by Grant on 20/03/2015   Email

    Hello, I'm trying to find out what happened to a professional footballer from Wallsend called Lowingham Braidford. He was born in Wallsend in 1895, and died in Wallsend on 25 July 1926. He was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Wallsend, on 28 July 1926. His father was also called Lowingham Braidford. He played for various clubs, including Dundee Hibs (now called Dundee United), Hartlepool United and Northampton Town. I know lots about his life. The only thing I don't know is why he died so young (aged 31). I hope somebody out there can help. Thanks. Grant.

    Posted by William Charlton on 10/03/2015

    Hi I was born in wallsend the green and lived in Gainers terrace nr 16 most of my mas family Gladys Playle lived in the street at one time or another, can anyone remember my Uncle Charlie Playle and the ship in the hole we moved to Rosehill terrace but I would like to hear from anyone who can remember our family. Great place to live Wallsend despite the problems people say it has.

    Posted by Ken Wilkes on 13/02/2015   Email

    Hello, I was born in Howden and lived in Holy Cross for a number of years, worked at the Wallsend slipway , got lots of good memories of Wallsend , living in Spain at present.

    Posted by Margaret Marshall on 04/02/2015   Email

    Left Wallsend 1970 for New Zealand love this site and enjoy looking at all the old photographs and reading the stories. Please keep up the good work as by all the messages a lot of expats really enjoy the site

    Posted by Geoff Dunn on 22/01/2015

    Just seen an old photo of Wallsend and surrounding area, on Wallsend Memories and Photographs, with an overlay of old tunnels, anyone know what they were used for? and when they were built or dug. Thanks

    Posted by fiona tait on 21/01/2015

    Hi I'm a primary teacher in Wallsend and our Y4 children are doing a topic on Victorians linked with a local study of Wallsend. We are looking to see if anyone would be able to come into school and do a talk on Victorian Wallsend?

    Posted by Carol smith on 08/01/2015   Email

    Does anybody rememember Duncan's grocers beside the town hall in Wallsend my mam was manageress for a number of years and she used to slice the bacon out the back and the butter came in blocks.

    Posted by Craig on 15/09/2014   Email

    Hello, i'm looking for information and images of the Neptune Bank and Carville power stations, thanks to anyone who can pass on anything to me.

    Posted by Amy on 12/07/2014

    I live in America. My great uncle owned the Davy Inn during WW2. My father told stories about the pub when he was serving overseas. So pleased to find this sight! My great grandfather was manager at the colliery there.

    Posted by David Jasper on 20/04/2014

    I am from Melbourne, Australia. I would be interested to find out the name of the postmistress in Wallsend during the early 1960s - or a member of her family. She helped me then - nearly 50 years ago! - by arranging for a pen friend who I have now lost touch with. Would anybody know of her or her family, and how I might be able to correspond with them? Thank you for this opportunity.

    Posted by Sheila Storey on 08/01/2014

    Hi I have just read the book Wallsend remembered and was very interested on page 57 that it was mentioned that Cooksons Athletic football. I have a gold medal that was presented to my grandfather inscribed Cookson's Competition 1913-14. As this is now coming up to the hundreth year i was interest in finding out any informatation regarding the competition and if any one still has a medal passed down to them.

    Posted by Vikki Lawlor on 30/11/2013   Email

    I am looking for a butcher named Billy Lawlor who would have had a butchers shop either in Heaton, Wallsend or North Shields about 30 years ago. Do you have any images or details? I read your piece on the Laconia and my Grand Uncle served on it and survived. He was very poorly for awhile after.

    Posted by Austin on 24/09/2013   Email

    For a few years now I have an idea growing in the back of my mind to try and record the history and memories of the Willington Quay ropery - in all of it's guises over the years be it Haggies, British Ropes or Bridon Fibres. From the early 70's I worked in the fibres part of the business. This closed at Willington Quay in 1983 - and whilst I was lucky enough to be asked to transfer to a sister factory in Dunston many hundreds of people lost much more than just a job, friends and a sense of community were also lost. Demolition of the factory happened very quickly afterwards. Looking at the site today you would be hard pushed to appreciate that a huge factory once stood on the spot, it's almost as if it had never existed? Thankfully and happily 'the wire mill' factory adjacent to the old fibre ropery is still going strong to this day. As a young trainee at the factory one of my jobs was to look after the 'archives'. This was a loose collection of photos, advertising flyers, trad

    Posted by TOM PROCTOR on 22/09/2013


    Posted by Andrea Pretli on 26/08/2013   Email

    Hello, this is my first time visiting the site and I got here from a link that someone put in on the Wallsend Memories group on Facebook. I wish I had known about this site earlier! I was born and bred in Rosehill (Willington Terrace)but emigrated to Canada in April 1966. I have been back home many times over the years and each time have seen changes happening, some for the better, some for the worse. I love to read the history of our town and area as I think it should be treasured and shared especially with the younger people of today. I attended the 'Stivvies'..Stephenson Memorial Secondary Modern School, and left school in 1959. My maiden name was Andrea Smith. If anyone reading this remembers me please get in touch. Love meeting and chatting with people from back home. Keep up the good work!

    Posted by Ingrid Hall on 09/08/2013   Email

    Hi - I am John Stephenson's daughter. I just wanted you to know that we are publishing his work including his book on The Stead Family online week by week at the blog which we have set up in his name I also would like to develop this blog into a full local history site in remembrance of him - So if any of your members would like to submit local history articles I will gladly publish them on his site. Please note the blog replaces his old website Thanks Ingrid

    Posted by John Turnbull on 04/07/2013   Email

    I attended st aidans school leaving just after the war,moved to rosehill,love to hear from anyone who might remember me,my best mate at school was Billy Anderson from Point Pleasant,Cheers John from BENDIGO AUSTRALIA

    Posted by Rob on 07/06/2013   Email

    Hi I'm lucky enough to live in Wallsend, and I'm also lucky enough to have been asked to compile a book about old Wallsend. Taking 45 photos of places within Wallsend from the town's past (ideally 70s or earlier) and then take a present day photo of the same place. I don't write for a living, it's more of a hobby, I actually work in a call centre full time. Since I don't do it for the money, 50 percent of my royalties from this book will go to the Benton Road Cat and Dog Shelter. I was wondering if any of you lovely people had high quality images that you'd be happy for me to use in the book, and be credited by name. If you've photos of other places you'd like to see included in the book please feel free to drop me an email :) These are the places I'm looking for in the first instance. Buddle Arts Centre (Formerly Buddle Board School) Cross House Jasmine House New Winning Tavern The War Memorial Wallsend Boys Club clubhouse Duke of York pub Segedu

    Posted by poeter stopp on 06/05/2013   Email

    Hi, came across a wooden pear-shaped instrument, split down the centre into two halves, joined by brass plate so that the two halves slide against each other, and there is a large needle in the end of one half,made by Whitfield's of Wallsend - anyone know what it is or about the company,please?

    Posted by Kathy Aitken on 22/04/2013   Email

    I am very interested to know whether my grandparents shop WALTER BELL is mentioned in your book. It was situated in High Street East, nextdoor to what was Woolworths and is now Heron Foods. It was a drapery and they used those premises for possible 2 or 3 decades after having moved from smaller premises in Station Road. Would love to know! Thank you. Kathy Aitken

    Posted by Gillian King on 18/03/2013   Email

    Please is there anybody out there who could let me have information on the Wallsend Laundries? My great Uncle was the manager there from around 1905 to 1916 when he enlisted in the Royal Fusiliers as a replacement for one of his staff who had a widowed mother to look after and he was the sole earner. My great Uncle was killed in France in 7 October 1916. I am trying to put a little flesh on the bones of his history and wonder if there are any records I might be able to access. Many thanks, Gillian King.

    Posted by adrienne lawrence on 09/03/2013   Email

    Hi Does anyone remember the Davy Inn,down the Davy bank,Wallsend. It closed I believe during the mid 1960's. When you 'google' there is not much information and the comment that landlady Ann Nelson believed the upstairs rooms were haunted by a poltergeist, this makes her sound a little flaky, which I am sure she was not. My only recollections are of a cold creepy place, with flood marks and the dates on the walls, all above my head. At high tide water could be heard sloshing in the cellars or the sugglers tunnel !(possibly a story to scare a child) If anyone or their parents have memories of the pub and of Ann and Bill Nelson (my maternal grandparents)I would love to hear from you. Does anyone at the Historical Society know if any pictures of the pub exist. Many thanks Adrienne ( in Surrey)

    Posted by Mike Tiffany on 31/01/2013   Email

    My Grand parents and my mothers family come from wallsend. I have great memories of wallsend in the 1950's. Would love to learn more about the history.

    Posted by Bob Heath-Whyte on 27/01/2013   Email

    I am researching my step-father's family. He was Crawford Whyte and was born in Wallsend in 1907, his father was a merchant marine engineer and his mother appears to have been active in local politics or charities. I have a photo of her wearing a chain of office and would be very grateful if someone could tell me what office it was/is. I have several other queries about local football teams, schools, etc., if anyone would care to help me. I live near Oxford and don't often get up to Wallsend.

    Posted by Derek Askew on 18/01/2013   Email

    Visited Wallsend in 2011, first time since I left for Canada in 1964. It was a fabulous trip meeting my cousins and seeing my former homes. Brought back some great memories. This is a wonderful site. Thanks.

    Posted by doug scott on 24/12/2012   Email

    sir or madam i reside in aus i hav a photo here of my grandfather who played for wallsend carville celtic in 1925 26 they must of been premiers i hope u hav some info his name is francis paddison please if u can help that will b appreciated merry xmas

    Posted by barry on 10/12/2012   Email

    The ITv will be in the town next month looking for members or their dependants who worked or had any connection with Swan Hunters Wigham Richards shipbuilders. its 25 years since the first notices were about that the yard was closing and the TYV station are goin to do a programme about Swans,due to be shown in the spring.So if you have any information get in touch with the society. You can leave name address phone number at my email address and I will be in touch. Barry (swanssnapper-B)

    Posted by micky ward on 03/12/2012   Email

    hi could anyone tell me what was on chicken road which backs onto the fish shop before they built houses ect my friend has a house down that end and has spooks in house from time to time i wondered if the houses are built on a cemetry or some religious ground

    Posted by kimberley hindmarsh on 26/11/2012   Email

    loved looking at all the pics old and new. my family all grew up and a lot came from the wallsend and howdon area i always love all the old stories and things off my granddad who will be 80 years old in a few days he always tell me storries about bridons and the slip ways his older brother who sadly passed away earlier in the year was also full of storys about the past. and last year in feb or early march many of the shops closed there doors for 10 or 15 mins in honor of his younger brother who passed age 77. my gran also has photos of the war memorial in rose hill taken from the back of burn close when i was a child...and my how the area has changed in 23 years. would love to know if you still meet so i could come along. i have always been interedted in history local and other.

    Posted by Stan Tonks on 11/11/2012   Email

    Hi there all, I was born at No 14 wiitshire gardens in 1958. (My grandmas house Mrs Bella Gascoinge). My mother worked in hills hardware shop on wallsend high St . (It,s now. The Nationwide building society). In 1980 my Father brought the shop from Mr Parker the then owner. That shop sold everything from newspapers to paraffin. Please post your memories of this shop if you have any.

    Posted by Dorothy Warner on 14/10/2012   Email

    Hi there One of my relatives, John English ran a Pub at 98 Turnpike, Wallsend. I have found him in the 1841 & 1851 Census, however, I am sure he lived there prior to that time. I am trying to find out the name of the Pub and would like to ask for your help with this. Any information would be appreciated. Kind regards Dorothy

    Posted by Louise Tolson on 05/10/2012   Email

    I am a PhD researcher at Newcastle University's archaeology department. I am seeking groups of women, native to the north east and over the age of 65, who would be interested in taking part in an oral history project. If anyone is interested, or knows someone who may be interested, please do not hesitate to email me and I will send you some detailed information. This project represents a fantastic opportunity for members of the public to get involved with academic research. Thank you.

    Posted by Mr M Harrison on 06/09/2012   Email

    It is a pity that Steve Boundey did not make an appeal for information prior to publishing his book on the shops of Wallsend which I am now looking at and have already noticed a multitude of notable missing entries especially concerning High Street West. If you would like some of my recollections I shall be pleased to oblige.

    Posted by Marion Dickinson on 04/09/2012   Email

    My name was Marion Spall, I was born in 1930 in Stataion Road and attended the Buddle school and later Coulson's Commercial College. I came to Melbourne, Australia in 1959 with my husband and 2 sons and have lived there ever since, although I have visited Wallsend many times. I wonder if you can answer this grandfather was a boilermaker and was one of the 'Royals'. Does anyone know what this means. I cannot find any reference to the 'Royals' on the internet.

    Posted by Richard Slater on 17/08/2012   Email

    I've just bought a copy of Wallsend Shops Past and Present, and it stirred a few memories. Mention is made on page 67 of a sweet shop run by Annie and Lizzie. Their surname was Riccalton, and they were family friends. I think the sweet shop features in the photo of the Ritz on page 77. Cobdens opticians was on the other side of the cinema up the alleyway. I spent the early part of my life living on Kings Estate north of the Coast Road. William Darling butchers shop was in one of the two blocks of shops to the west of the Rising Sun. Some of the other shops in the blocks were Goldwaters chemists, Johnsons general dealer, a post office, Duncans grocers, Walkers newsagency, and John Day fruiterer. There were other shops in the area, two each side of the junction of Kings Road North and Milfield Avenue. One on the north side in the 50s was Ruscoes hardware shop. I think its neighbour may have been a haberdashery. On the south side were a barber's shop and another general dealer.

    Posted by Robert Dale on 12/08/2012

    Great site with some fantastic pictures, especially the ships. I'm trying to locate any images of the Palmer Estate, which was near Carville station, especially Fourth Street - thanks. Robert Dale

    Posted by Susan on 31/07/2012   Email

    Just read Steve Boundey's book Wallsend Shops Past and Present..brilliant!I am almost sure that Steve's dad, being a motor mechanic, would have known my dad also a motor mechanic in Wallsend. If Steve could email me that would be great. Thanks

    Posted by John Seldon on 30/07/2012   Email

    I note that John Stephenson's name is missng from the list of people. He was President. I went to school with John at the Western [left in 1957 aged 15] and wondered if he had left the Society or is now deceased.

    Posted by barry on 19/07/2012   Email

    Howdy dave , a plug for our latest calendar, 1 bought on July 7 at the Wallsend festival on show in Texas next day, another on its way to Australia so get them quick to send to friends and family abroad.

    Posted by peter elliott on 10/07/2012   Email

    I'm looking for as much information about the green. Could you advise please

    Posted by Naomi Mclean on 09/07/2012

    Hi, I am writing from Wallsend in Australia. We have a fish & chip shop and we'd like to reproduce one of your images for the shop. We are interested in the fish monger photo. Do you think that would be possible. Thanks

    Posted by Stephen Fletcher on 08/07/2012

    I'm trying to gather as much information about Wallsend Hall & The Village Green as i can, especially about the type of events etc. that would have taken place around that area, any information or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Posted by robert ridley on 01/06/2012   Email

    I am an expat now living in the U.S.A i am from Wallsend i miss the place i went to Deneside school plus Richardson Dees Bewick infants now when i return to Wallsend i hardly recognise the place it has changed so much looking at the photographs of the Haggies angels reminds me of me Mam,3 Aunts plus a Grandmother ie Emily,Joan, Audrey Lawrie as they were then me Elizabeth Ridley all worked there i remember photographs of them all standing by the Willington gut also me Mam,Dad, Nana plus Aunt Joan use to go on trips with Edmund Hall they went to Germany Switzerland Austria plus England it is great that your society is keeping the history alive about Wallsend i am researching my family tree at the moment on me Mothers side the Lawries plus the Harrisons all lived in Wallsend ie Lamb Street plus Willington Terrace me Great Grandad worked in Haggies till he retired is anybody out there got any information on a Uncle who got killed at Swan Huters in Wallsend about 1970 i think he was called

    Posted by Margaret Chambers on 01/06/2012   Email

    This is a fabulous site, just looked through and extremely interesting. I unfortunately can't make every Monday the Local History Society meets, but everyone I've been to as been most enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

    Posted by Julie Watson on 15/05/2012   Email

    Hello, this is a lovely site and I am sorry to hear of Don Price's passing. Is there somebody in your society who has access to his pictures of the brass plaques bearing the names of the voluntary servicemen from Swan Hunter who lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars? I read an article on from 2008 that has both a link to the pictures and to a word document that is supposed to list all the casualties but they both appear to be incomplete. I am trying to locate my great uncle's name and regiment on the plaque, Thomas Devine, from Wallsend, who died in WWI. We are trying to locate his grave in either France or Belgium by way of his regiment information. Thank you for any assistance. Julie Watson

    Posted by Tom Callaghan on 18/04/2012   Email

    Hello. A good site, well done.The land on the bank to the east of what was the Railway Pub, below Stevensons 7 arches railway bridge, and that overlooks what's left (if anything is left) of Haggies rope works was levelled during a German raid in the 40's. One of the streets was Back Hodgen St I think. Can anyone direct me to any reports about that bombing raid, the number of killed and injured etc? Many thanks.

    Posted by Margaret Richardson on 27/02/2012   Email

    I wonder if you could tell me the name of the Bank my brother insists was opposite Greggs in the Forum, next to SuperDrug on the corner where the shoe shop is? I can't remember there ever being a bank there but he insists there was. Many thanks,

    Posted by Harry Hann on 09/07/2011   Email

    I have just visited this excellent site & intend to become a member. I was born in Hodgson st.,was bombed out in 1941 at Western road. I served my 'time' at wallsend Slipway & wass there for 24 years & in the DO & Oil burning DO for 15 years. At present I am collecting Photos of the area for my family records. My Father worked at 'Haggies' joiners shop & died at work in 1963. I have lots more I can tell.

    Posted by Ian Heed on 05/06/2011

    realy informative and interesting web site excellent pictures

    Posted by mark nugent on 21/05/2011

    what a great site Wallsend is a great place with loads of history well done

    Posted by margaret on 09/03/2011

    I am at present putting together my "Family History" and found the photographs of Wallsend especially Don Price's are a wonderful trip down memory lane.I look forward to the next installments and more old photographs please? A great find on the internet, thank you for all your hard work. Maggie A very happy ex Wallsend/High Howdon resident.

    Posted by june Blacklock on 05/03/2011

    First time I have viewed this site wish i had known about it sooner,i will be back.

    Posted by Suzanne and John from Dunedin, New Zealand on 27/02/2011

    What a wonderful website especially the photos. It makes us nostalgic for Newcastle.

    Posted by Gary Tiplady on 15/02/2011   Email

    Great and interesting site well done

    Posted by David Phillip on 11/02/2011

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am seek information for a Family Tree on John Dickinson age 64 [ 1881 census ] who was a head Forman Joiner in shipyard on Tyne any photographs or information would be helpful. Yours Sincerely David Phillip

    Posted by Brian Brown on 29/01/2011

    A heart-warming experience for someone who grew up in Laburnum Ave in the 40s. Thank you. Barnsdale, Victoria, Australia

    Posted by Jilly Stone on 05/01/2011

    Just browsing and found the site - enjoyed the articles immensely - I am an old Wallsend town girl myself. Info re the Laconia vessels very interesting and as it is shortly on the tv will watch with special interest. Keep up the good work.

    Posted by Len Chew on 20/10/2010

    Sadly, I haven't been back to Wallsend since I left for Nepal in 1947; finding this wonderful site and all the memories it evoked brought tears to my eyes. Thank you thank you, Lenny.

    Posted by jean from Wallsend on 12/08/2010

    Really enjoyed visiting the web site good info and interesting facts/stories about Wallsend and the surrounding area. Keep up the good work - I will have to keep visiting to take in all info.

    Posted by Bandy on 03/08/2010

    Yes, it really is bigger, better and in every way an excellent effort. Thank you all at WLHS. Banffshire

    Posted by Edna Bunn on 18/07/2010

    Just discovered the (new) site and what a lovely surprise; well done. New England.

    Posted by Billybob on 15/07/2010

    Great to see WLHS move into the modern age, keeping the ex-pats in touch; love the image of Wallsend Tunnel NSW, keep up the good work. Greetings too, to our friends and relatives up there in the N. East.