SPEAKERS 2010-11

 DATE                                      SPEAKER                                       SUBJECT

10th. May                               Sarah Leach                           Progress at Beamish Museum

14th. June                              Janet Brown                           North East War Memorials

12th. July                                Prof. John Derry                    The Iron Duke

9th. August                             Alan Morgan                           Newcastle - from Tropical Swamp to                                                                                                                     Millennium Bridge

September                    Mike Rutter                             History of Anchorites & Hermits

11th. October                         Cmdr. Bryan Rayner              Wooden Dollies of N. Shields                                                                                                                               and Dolly Peel of S. Shields

8th. November                        Mr. T.L. Almond                     5000 Years of Visible History                                                                                                                                 in Northumberland

13th. December                     Col. A.K. Johnson                   Childhood Games of Yesteryear 
                                                                                                      (with Christmas Festivities)


10th. January                         John Armstrong                      Shieldfield

14th. February                        Bruce Grant                           18th. Century Cannibalism

14th. March                             Edmund Hall                          Wallsend in Wartime

11th. April                               A.G.M. – Display of Memorabilia, Members’ Projects



SPEAKERS 2010-11




  DATE                                     SPEAKER                                        SUBJECT


10TH. May                               Sarah Leach                          Progress at Beamish Museum


14th. June                              Janet Brown                           North East War Memorials


12th. July                                Prof. John Derry                    The Iron Duke


9th. August                              Alan Morgan                         Newcastle - from Tropical Swamp to

                                                                                                Millennium Bridge


13th. September                     Mike Rutter                            History of Anchorites & Hermits


11th. October                          Cmdr. Bryan Rayner              Wooden Dollies of N. Shields and

                                                                                                Dolly Peel of S. Shields


8th. November                        Mr. T.L. Almond                     5000 Years of Visible History in



13th. December                      Col. A.K. Johnson                  Childhood Games of Yesteryear

                                                                                                 (with Christmas Festivities)



10th. January                          John Armstrong                     Shieldfield


14th. February                        Bruce Grant                           18th. Century Cannibalism


14th. March                             Edmund Hall                          Wallsend in Wartime


11th. April                               A.G.M. – Display of Memorabilia, Members’ Projects