Key personnel

      President:  Edmund Hall

     Chairman:   Ken Hutchinson
    Vice-chairman/Secretary:  George Laws  
    Treasurer:   Liz Liddle

      Committee members:   
     Barry Martin, Dorothy Hall, Brian Robson,
    Len Fisher, Elaine Borthwick, George Laws, Phyllis Laws, Alan Maddison, Jean Cleathero

            Barry Martin

              Heavily involved in documenting and, as a member of Swansnappers, photographing, the final days

              of the Swan Hunter shipyard.

    Barry Martin.jpg

     Ken Hutchinson                                                                     
    Steve Boundey, Secretary to 2016

                               Author of Wallsend Through Time         Author of Wallsend Pubs




    Edmund Hall - Wallsend Local History Society



    In January 2018 Edmund Hall was appointed President of Wallsend Local History Society at the society's AGM.  This honorary position was bestowed on Mr Hall after holding the Chairman's role for 15 years.  In his time as Chairman he passionately promoted the town of Wallsend and its illustrious history to all who would listen.  He represented the society at a wide range of events and meetings, and gave talks on Wallsend to many groups.  He ran coach trips for the society all over the North East including his famous annual 'History Mystery' evening tour visiting local places of interest before concluding in a tavern with historic links.

    Ken Hutchinson, former Vice-Chairman, has taken over as Chairman, and Secretary George Laws has become Vice-Chairman.

             Ken Hutchinson